Liverpool are now in a good position under new manager Jurgen Klopp but some injury problems are causing the team to worry.

Liverpool captain Henderson suffers from a weird,incurable foot injury, according to Telegraph and not even the best doctors in the world have been able to cure it. There is no proper cure for the injury and it has baffled specialists all over the world. Henderson has chronic ache in his heels, known as “Plantar Fasciitis” which had reduced last April.

He explained that he feels a burning,stabbing,nerve pain in his foot sometimes.

Seeing that doctors are not able to cure it, Henderson courageously says that he is ready to play with the pain, like what he has been doing since some time. The problem with his left heel aggravated ever since he injured his right foot due to a broken metatarsal.

“It was unbearable every time I planted my foot it was like a burning, stabbing, nerve pain,” said Henderson.

“Even lying in bed there was pain in my foot. It is much better now but there is always that question is it going to come back?

Henderson now worries that it might start paining sometime, but he doesn’t mind all the pain and is ready to play for the team and impress his new manager Klopp.

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher and ex-Everton midfielder Tim Cahill are among the players who have had an experience with this condition before.

Liverpool is finding it tough without captain Henderson and his return from the metatarsal injury will help the team definitely. His services will definitely be used to a great extent by Klopp and he believes that Klopp has had a great impact with his tactical training sessions and also acknowledges the atmosphere among the players. The 25 year old midfielder is now competing with Lucas,James Milner,Joe Allen for a starting spot even though being the captain! With Henderson putting behind his woes, it has to be seen where Liverpool end up under Klopp who has created a fresh outlook for the team.


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