Jose Mourinho has his say over FIFA presidency election

Gautam Sudev / 02 February 2016

The former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has backed Gianni Infantino to become the next FIFA president, claims Goal. Infantino is one of the favourite to rule the FIFA, who has reiterated his hope of conducting a FIFA World Cup in multiple countries. Infantino is currently the general secretary of UEFA and he will compete with his four fellow competitors, and the head of the greatest game’s governing body will be elected on February 26.

Jose Mourinho is currently not in association with any club any club, but has backed Infantino, with whom the Portugese share a friendly companionship and lauded for his incredible sportsmanship and sincerity. “I have known him for a long time,” the Portuguese said. “I know that he is very capable, very experienced. He has complete knowledge of everything around football and this organisation. I think he is the one. I support him with a real feeling that I am supporting someone that can do very well.”

Infantino also spoke his mind explaining how efficient it is to conduct major International football tournaments in multiple countries, which will release pressure on financial aspects and hardwork. He pointed out the last two Euro Cup tournaments, which were held in Austria-Switzerland and Poland-Ukraine respectively.

“We are making the Euros in 2020 in 13 different countries in Europe. I think we do not have to exclude the vast majority of countries in the world from the dream of being able to organise at least part of a World Cup together with other countries. We can organise a Euros in 13 countries and organise a World Cup in four, five, six countries.” The 46-year-old spoke Swiss spoke.

Blatter stepped down the FIFA presidency after allegedly falling for scandal verdicts and Infantino spoke of his points concerning Sepp Blatter in one of the world’s largest community of nations.

“I respect very much all the work he [Blatter] did in terms of football development in particular around the world and this comes through when you travel in the world as well. But he could have stepped down earlier”

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