Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he is not happy with how the club is performing at the moment but he is confident that he will not be sacked from his position for the team’s poor run.

Chelsea has so far secured 4 points from as many matches and has lost twice. Their defense looks vulnerable as they have conceded two or more goals in every single match.

Speaking to the media, Mourinho said: “I’m not happy — and I’m happy that I’m not happy. The moment I’m happy losing matches, then I’ve changed a lot.

“And I don’t want to change. I’m not happy, but I work harder than ever. I’m optimistic, I trust the players. The players trust me, I know. We are going to leave this situation behind.”

Chelsea has a reputation of sacking managers according to their whims if the performance is not up to the mark. Even Jose was removed from his position in 2007 after the Blues had a slow start to the season.

But the Portuguese manager believes that history won’t repeat itself as there is no scope of him leaving the club anytime soon.

Mourinho added: “I don’t want to leave the club, in any circumstances. And the club doesn’t want me to leave. I’m not going to walk away. The club is not going to sack me.

“If somebody, anyone thinks that I walk, or I leave the job it’s somebody that doesn’t know.

“We have one problem. We are not getting the results we always expect to get. That is the problem.”

Chelsea visits Merseyside to take on Everton in a crucial game week five encounter. Chelsea is desperate to get a full three points from this match as they are struggling at the bottom half of the table.


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