First interview of Mourinho since the sack, admits he wants to stay in the Premier League

Aakarsh / 07 February 2016

After winning the Premier League last season, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho found it hard to repeat the performance this season as he saw his team languish in the bottom half of the table in December.

As a result of that, he was fired and Guus Hiddink replaced him at the helm of the Stamford Bridge outfit. The Portuguese mastermind has ever since been out of a job and has been heavily linked with taking up Louis van Gaal’s place at Old Trafford at the end of the season.

Six weeks since his sacking, the 52-year-old has for the first time broken his silence and said that he will not be the braggart his reputation sometimes suggests at whichever clubs he takes over.

‘I have always to learn. Even in football, which is an area in which I feel I am an expert, I am never perfect and I will always learn,’ said Mourinho in an interview while working with Jaguar’s new SUV. 

‘Sometimes in my work, and also in private life, maybe people think I am not humble. But I am so humble, and I am always ready to learn from people who know more than me.”

‘No, I am not enjoying it [not working]. I can have my family, I can have my friends, I can have my quiet life, which I also like, and I can have my football. I can have everything together and I don’t need to give up on one of them.”

‘To be fully happy I need everything, so I go back to football. I think it’s my natural habitat. I have worked since I can remember, and as a manager since 2000.”

‘I stopped when I left Chelsea in 2007, for a few months, and now is the second time I stop in 15 or 16 years, so it is not a drama. But for sure, I will be back soon.’

In the past, he has criticized the ambulance service for failing to treat his goalkeeper Petr Cech quickly enough after he suffered a head injury against Reading and poked Barcelona assistant Tito Vilanova in the eye during an El Clasico. He publicly criticised Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro for running onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard on the opening day of this season against Swansea. 

This led Manchester United to overlook Jose and appoint David Moyes back in 2013 as they feared that the Portuguese would drag the club into controversies.


But, in an interview with GQ in an area of Swedish Lapland where he was testing the new Jaguar cross-over F-Pace, Mourinho explained why he was involved in so many awkward situations.

‘It is why I sometimes have some conflicts with people who don’t share the same philosophy,’ he said. ‘You are in a sport to compete, you want to win, you hate to lose, you win once, so you want to win twice. When you are tired you can go home, and give up your place to someone else.”

‘For example, if you are in a club that wins, if you want to win again you have to create instability in the winners. And to create instability in the winners you have to make them doubt, you have to buy new players, you have to make them feel not in their comfort zone.”

 Mourinho who won the domestic leagues in 4 nations including Italy, Spain and Portugal, said that he would love to stay in the Premier League because of the competition in England and also because of his family’s decision to continue to stay in London.

‘When my kids were younger, we could move a lot, experience different countries and in my case different clubs, different football,’ he said.

‘But there was a moment where they needed some stability: so we made a decision three years ago to move back to London, and we manage my professional life around that. It’s an amazing place to live, amazing for them to study and search for their future, and for the family to be together.

‘At this moment I don’t know where football will take me, because in football you never know. But as a family, our home will be in London.

‘I experimented with English, Italian and Spanish football, three of the top football sides in the world (Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid). I always say I need competition – I need competition every week. In Spain I was at an amazing club but I had four matches a year — Barcelona v Real Madrid, Real Madrid v Barcelona — and after that you win 4-0, 5-0, 5-1, 6-1…’

‘Easy to win matches but difficult to win the league, because you are competing against a team that wins and wins and wins like you do, because there are two monsters together.

‘So in the end I was champion in Spain with 100 points, and I lost the league in Spain with 91 points. Whereas in England you win leagues with 75, maybe less, so I need competition.’

 ‘There is a normal tendency to go to your comfort zone. If you don’t react, if you believe that just because you won in one year that you are going to win again, it’s very difficult.’


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