Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been successful in the Bundesliga but has had a tough time adapting to the Premier League. The challenges the Premier League provides has made life difficult for the German and in a new interview said that the windy English weather has fiddled with his tactics.

Speaking to German tabloid Bild, Klopp said that one of the biggest problems for him in the Premier League has been dealing with the wind conditions in the nation.

“The English game is not faster than the German game. Perhaps there are a few more sprints. But there is a different style of football here, partially due to the weather,” Klopp told Sport Bild.

“The wind can be quite extreme in England. We are not familiar with that in Germany and you have to keep things simple. Stoke City’s first goal against Manchester United was a perfect example of the extreme winds. Players who are not from the UK have to get used to the winds.


In the post-match press conference after Liverpool’s 1-0 win against Swansea City this season, Klopp said. “The wind was crazy because it changed all the time. For both teams it was really difficult. In this time you cannot take this game and say ‘This is how football should be’. Wind is the biggest enemy of football but we did okay.

Players can usually play better passes but it is not easy. This wasn’t our best performance but it was our best performance in a strong wind”. 

It is nothing out of the ordinary for English teams to deal with heavy winds in winter time but the German has found it hard to set his team up against it.

“I have to adapt my style of football as a result as well. Often, you are forced to keep things simple. And there are a lot more duels for the second ball here, and more duels in general. That makes the game even more intense,” he told Bild.

Liverpool will play their next four games away from home against relatively easy opponents. This run of matches can easily decide the season for the Reds.



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