Jurgen Klopp reflects on a disappointing loss to United, says his side were better

Aakarsh / 18 January 2016

A solitary goal with less than 20 minutes to play was enough for Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United to complete the double over their arch rivals Liverpool this season. The Red Devils scored from their only shot on target on the night as Liverpool failed to take any of their chances to give the Red Devils a 6 point advantage over them.

Jurgen Klopp was understandably gutted with the slip up and told the media that he felt really bad about the result.

“It feels really bad,” he admitted. “It’s a derby, and in a derby you have only one job – to win it. That’s the only way to be satisfied after the game.

“I think Manchester United would say that their performance is not that good, but they won so they are really happy. We played better, but we feel really frustrated with the result.”

A lot of the things we did today were really good,” Klopp said. “Creating chances was good, but our finishing was not.

“For the goal we lost Fellaini…..bar. Then we lost Rooney…goal. Three mistakes around the goal, and that’s too much obviously against a team with individual quality like Manchester United.

“We had a few good moments, we had our chances but we could have had more. De Gea had a few good saves, and we had some not so good finishing. They had one good finish, and win 1-0.

“In this moment it’s only frustrating. But we have to carry on, and we will do.”

Klopp like many Liverpool supporters felt that his side were the better side on the course of 90 minutes but the Reds failed to take even a point from this game. This will frustrate Klopp even more.

“It’s a derby and in a derby you only have one job to do – you have to win it because that’s the only possibility to be satisfied after the game.

“I think if Manchester United were to talk about their performance, they’d say it was not that good but they won so they are really happy.

“We played better but feel really frustrated because of the result. Our performance and a lot of things we did today were really good. Creating chances was good, but the finishing was not good otherwise we would have scored a goal.

“The set-play was unlucky because we changed two positions for defending set-plays a few moments before. We didn’t avoid the cross, lose Fellaini, bar, lose Rooney – goal.

“Three mistakes around the goal, which is obviously too much against a team with the quality of Manchester United. Today there was not enough time to come back in the game.

“At this moment it is frustrating, how it should be, but we have to carry on and that’s what we’ll do.”

Liverpool came close to scoring more than a couple of times but just could not break the dead lock on the night and were severely punished for not taking their chances. David de Gea put on yet another scintillating performance but the Liverpool manager focused on his player’s short comings.

“I have not the best place in the stadium to talk too much about finishing – I’ll have to watch the game again,” said the manager.


“I know we didn’t score a goal, but I could not say whether De Gea touched the ball or not, it’s not always possible from my position. He’s man of the match, right? So I think he had a few good moments and that’s how it is.

“To be honest, I don’t care too much about the situations we had [where] De Gea could [make a save], I think more about the situations where we could have had chances and we didn’t because this move, this pass [was wrong].

“We had a lot of these situations in the first half and the second half, so we had our chances but we could have had more if we would have done this better.

“Altogether, he had a few good saves, we had some not-that-good finishes and they had one good finish – 1-0.”

Klopp used Roberto Firmino once again as a false 9 to lead Liverpool’s attacking line, but the Brazilian was just not able to apply the finishing touch to a number of chances that fell his way.

Klopp defended his decision to play the Brazilian and said, ““I think the smallest of all our problems that we had today was our centre-forward. Roberto Firmino again made a good game.

“He can play this position, he is a real centre-forward when he plays there. I don’t know who you would compare him with but we had no problem in this position.

“We created our chances and it’s too easy to say if we would have had a different player in this position he would have scored. We made a decision for this line-up and that’s not a problem in this moment.

“We have some problems but as long as we have enough players to play, I think we should not think about this. We played not bad! We had a good game against Arsenal, then we concede too many goals, today we played not bad so we are on a good way.

“But, of course, everyone can see it, we are all more satisfied if we have the result and we don’t have them often enough, that’s the truth.”

The boss added: “I cannot make the last push of the ball over the line – that’s not possible. But it’s my job to help them create chances.

“In this moment it seems to be not too easy for us. We can talk about this game but I don’t want to talk about common problems in football; because all teams have problems, some problems are different.

“What I can say is it’s my job to help them to more often come into clear situations where it’s easier for them to score goals.”




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