Klopp for Kop: Top German football personalities hail Klopp as perfect for Liverpool

Snehanjan Banerjee / 06 October 2015

A player who became world class under Jurgen Klopp, has backed his former manager to be a perfect manager of Liverpool.

Ilkay Gundogan, the German sensation who made a name for himself has hailed his former manager to be ideal for Liverpool ahead of his official appointment at Liverpool as the manager replacing Brendan Rodgers.

‘Klopp for Kop’ is happening according to the current scenario as the official announcement is the only thing that keeps the Liverpool fans still worried.

Klopp signed Gundogan from Nurnberg in 2011 and the 24-year-old is sure that he would make a positive impact at Anfield should he be given the chance.

“I’ve not had that much contact with him recently and I’ve not followed much of what has been said, but I think Klopp would be a great fit at many clubs and I believe also at Liverpool,” he said.

“Of course it’s something I can see happening. I think Klopp is capable of helping many top clubs in the world.”

Former Dortmund and Liverpool striker Karl-Heinz Riedle also backed the two-time Bundesliga-winning coach as an ideal Liverpool manager.

“I would be very glad if he got the job at Liverpool because I think he is a very good coach. He is 100 per cent right for Liverpool,” Riedle told Sky Sports.

“He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the team, he is very good at motivating the team and I think the two clubs are both quite similar in terms of the fans and the structures.”

“So he knows the atmosphere and he knows to get the fans behind the team.”

“When he took over at Dortmund seven years ago it was not the aim to win the champions in one or two years but then he achieved that.”

“The pressure will be a little bit higher at the beginning compared to Dortmund, but he has learned so much that he can handle it easily.”

Another person who spoke about Klopp to Liverpool is none other than the legendary Franz Beckenbauer. He said Liverpool and Klopp are a combination made in heaven.

He said: “He is fantastic.”

“He is one of the best coaches I know in the whole world, and he was really a milestone for Borussia Dortmund.”

“He took over the club and made them into a world-class team. If Liverpool has the chance to sign Jurgen Klopp then they should do it.”

“He likes to talk. There are not many coaches left in the world that like to talk so much to the players, but he is one of them.“

“Liverpool is also one of the biggest clubs in the world, so Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp is definitely a good combination.”

“He is also a winner.”

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