Liverpool snatched a crucial point right at the death at Anfield on Wednesday against Arsenal in one of the games of the season so far.

The hosts led twice in the first half but went into injury time of the second half 3-2 down before a side foot volley from Welsh international Joe Allen ended up in the net giving Liverpool a point from this game.

Jurgen Klopp said that he was delighted to see his team fight till the very end and felt that this game was an un-forgettable one.

“It was a great football game, how it should be,” Klopp told reporters after the game. 

“I think people will talk about this game, maybe not too long because on Sunday it is Manchester United, but it’s not easy to forget.

“The beginning was really good. Not perfect, of course, but not too far away from it because we knew how they play and at the start we were better in the game and played really good football.

“We made our first goal, forced it in this situation; the first shot in the box from Emre [Can] and it was not easy to see for Petr Cech because there were a lot of legs in the box. Roberto was fast enough, especially in mind, to make this goal.”

Liverpool looked shaky at the back once again and need to work on their defense during set pieces. They let Olivier Giroud score with a flick on from a corner and will have to defend better if they are to climb up the points table.


“We have to defend set-plays better; it’s an easy thing to say but we have to work on it and we will work on it. We will analyze it, of course, and we have to do it better,” he added.

“We made a brilliant second goal and we stood in the game. The goal of Arsenal wasn’t too big a shock for us, and we made a perfect second goal and were really in the game.

“Then a little bit of losing control and especially around the second goal because Giroud was on the ground after a challenge. We stopped the game a little bit but it wasn’t stopped and they used the situation to make another easy goal.

“We lost control and it wasn’t too easy, we lost the ball easily. They are strong on counter-attacks, everybody knows this and so we had to defend.

“In the second half we were again in the game; it was a little bit more open than the beginning of the first half but we came back into the game. At the end, it was brilliant from Giroud but in the beginning we have to defend it better – it was not too difficult. We have to be more concentrated in situations like this.

“Then you need a little bit of luck and we had it. We changed players and it was a perfect ball for Christian, a perfect header and a perfect finish. I think it was a well-deserved draw in an all-time spectacular game.”

Liverpool welcome Manchester United on Sunday for one of the fixtures of the season.


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