Klopp regrets calling himself THE NORMAL ONE

Sankha Ghosh / 12 October 2015

Jurgen Klopp insists he had no plan to call himself “The Normal One” in his first press conference as the new Liverpool manager.

After arriving at Chelsea in 2004 Jose Mourinho announced that he was “The Special One”. It was his first stint in Stamford Bridge. In 2013 during the opening press conference of his second spell as Chelsea manager, the Portuguese manager called himself as “The Happy One”.

And then came Jurgen Klopp’s astonishing comment claiming him “The Normal One” during the opening press conference after replacing Brendan Rodgers in Liverpool manager’s hot seat. His famous statement was, “Does anyone in this room think that I can do wonders? I’m a normal guy from the Black Forest. I am the Normal One.”

However in Klopp’s version, it was unplanned and the German manager also gave a hint that he regretted talking those ‘nonsense’ on Friday.

“I was relieved after the press conference. I have talked a lot of nonsense in my life – but not in English. I had not planned (the normal one quip). I was asked and it came out. Sometimes it’s better to hold your mouth!” he told a German newspaper.

“I have not read any newspaper since the press conference, but I’ve heard they’re already making t-shirts (with my words).”

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