Jurgen Klopp feels guilty, here is the reason why?

Tapan Jindal / 10 December 2015

Klopp has admitted that he had a hand in the latest injury woe of the English international, pointing out recent injury troubles at Liverpool influenced his decision making.

“It is no knee, no hip, no foot… It’s just a little hamstring. But this is a sign that it was too much for him.

“Daniel had his injuries, I don’t know most of them. But, after two days, the question is always, ‘Is he available?’ Then I say, ‘No, of course not.’

​“Then another striker gets injured, so we say [to Sturridge], ‘Come on, let’s try’. And then something happens and we say, ‘Okay!’

​“[Sturridge had] Absolutely no pre-season, he started training; then he started playing… Another injury. Then he has 10 days, another game. That is the problem.”

​​“Everybody is excited (angry) about this I believe, but we have to see how each player has to train,” said Klopp.


​​Klopp has indicted that he will try an exclusive training schedule for Sturridge, because of his immense quality and importance to the team.

​“That is the problem. He trained last time and got 60 minutes at Southampton which is good, but then 30 at Newcastle which was not so good because he felt this problem in his muscle almost straight away.

​​“So we have to cool down this situation and try, together with him, to help him be more resistant for all the games we have.

​“We have to find the specific point where it will be possible to bring him for more minutes on the pitch… though of course, in this moment now we know, he cannot play three games in a week.” he concluded.

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