League Of Love And Hate : Which club is the most loved and hated in EPL? Arsenal is the only big club in top 10

Snehanjan Banerjee / 27 July 2015

Fans are not only satisfied with supporting their favourite clubs but also they also take every possible opportunity to hate other clubs as well.

The Trinity Mirror data is conducting an online poll called “League Of Love And Hate” for Premier League fans to vote for clubs the love and hate.

Fans have options to vote for one specific Premier League club they like and options for other 19 clubs to say if they dislike them or not even bothered with them.

We can know that which is the most hated and most adored club in the top division in England.

With many big rivalries like North London rivalry, Merseyside rivalry, North West rivalry, Tyne-Wear rivalry etc. we are able to see much hatred in the most competitive league in the world

As things stand, Manchester United tops the list as the most hated club with Chelsea and Liverpool behind them. Manchester City is fourth in the disliked list with stoke City fifth.

Only big club to stay in the top half of liked clubs in Arsenal who stand ninth in the liked list.

Southampton on the other hand, is the most loved club in Premier League so far according to the survey.

The most liked clubs list currently is:

1> Southampton

2> Bournemouth

3> Swansea

4> Everton

5> Watford

6> Norwich

7> Crystal Palace

8> Leicester City

9> Arsenal

10> West Brom

11> Sunderland

12> Aston Villa

13> West Ham United

14> Newcastle United

15> Tottenham Hotspur

16> Stoke City

17> Manchester City

18> Liverpool

19> Chelsea

20> Manchester United

Fans can still make a difference to the poll as the results will be out later. 

All big teams apart from Arsenal are ahead in the most disliked list which is not surprising.

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