Raheem sterling is no alien to controversies and the Manchester City striker was pictures smoking Shisha Pipe once again at a bar in England. According to The Sun, the images of Sterling smoking a Shisha Pipe have been taken just 24 hours after he helped England to win 2-0 over Estonia.

If we take our minds back 5-6 months, Sterling was seen in a similar situation where he was sees with a Shisha pipe twice during his time at Liverpool. That time, Brendan Rodgers had come to his aid and had even warned the youngster never to repeat his acts.

One baffles to understand why Sterling would do anything like this being fully aware of the consequences. According to the experts, a Shisha sessions is more harmful than smoking 1000 cigarettes at once.

So far, there have been nothing said from Sterling or from Manchester City in this regards but one does not expect it to be kind, if and when a statement is released by the football club. Manchester City pressed ahead to sign the talented forward being fully aware of his off-field antics and now could be the time, they toughen up on him and order him not to repeat such acts.

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