Its time for FIFA world cup and that means the entire universe eat,sleeps,and talks football 24×7.Football fever has reached in every corner of the world as World cup has reached the ground. The charm ,craziness regarding world cup has touched many layer of our society. From tv actors to Bollywood actor, From Indrustialist to Artist everyone is attacked by this world cup virus. Not only in India,these flavour of world cup could be taken at any corner of the world. Not only Bollywood actors ,Hollywood  actors are also affected by world cup fever. All this stars somehow manage to watch World cup along with their tight busy schedule. World cup is not just a tournament , it’s a festival for total world. Then why would these stars miss this festival? Let see which stars supports which world cup team.

John Abraham :- A popular name in Bollywood as we know. John personally a football lover. He said in an interview that he would be a professional footballer if he had not pursued MBA and become an actor. He is very passionate about football. When the Cinema ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’  was made by Vivek Agnihotri,the first name which  struck in his mind is John Abraham. John  could do justice to that role and he do so in that film. John is supporting Argentina for Lionel messi, Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain who are worlds deadliest forwardline, but he like Brazil for their plying skill. But his dark knight is Belgium as Eden Hazard is in this team.

Aditya Roy Kapoor: ‘Ashiqui’ star Aditya Roy Kapoor is watching this world cup too. His favorite is Germany as hey are equipped with young talents this year. He likes Brazil too for their playing skill. He is supporting Argentina also for Lionel messi. But his dark horse is Belgium. According to him,the world is unaware of their strength.

Siddharth Malhotra : Siddharth is very confident about his team Brazil. His supporting this team from heart. But he also supports Germany and Spain simultaneously. Accoding to him ,Germany is the possible winner of this world cup. They have the potential to grab the cup. He also love englad as he is a English premiere league lover.

Tiger Shroff:Tiger Shroff,son of Jacky Shroff , is supporting Argentina for Lionel Messi. To him he is the god of football. But Germany is full of young and potential player which attracted him to this team. He also likes the playing style of Brazil.

Amitabh Bachhan : The biggest name of Bollywood is also excited about world cup. He is great fan of Brazil but he likes Messi too. According to him Germany could be the main contender of this world cup.

Sharukh Khan : Srk is also excited about world cup too. But he likes to watch this world cup in his busy schedule. He likes Brazil,Spain,Germany in the world cup. But one world is common to every one,that is Lionel Messi. He is the main reason that many people is supporting Argentina.

Bipasha Basu :  Bipasha Basu,the Bollywood Diva is watching world cup too. She is a die heart fan of Argentina. She also supports Spain. She said in an interview that she will try to manage to see those match at home and eill shout for her team.

Prachi Desai: another Argentine supporter Prachi Desai will cheer for her team in this year too, but she feared that Brazil could give them a tight fight in this cup.

Shakira : Shakira ,a bright star in pop world is supporting Spain. Shakira not only a pop star  ,she is wife of Gerrad pique of Spain. She will cheer For her Husband, for her team.

Pitbull :  The  shining star in the RAP World made this year the official world Cup theme song with Jenifer Lopez. He is th supporter of Brazil team. He love the passing Football of Brazil.,that made him supporter of this team.   



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