Liverpool supporters group Spion Kop 1906 are urging to walk out in Saturday’s Premier League match against Sunderland at Anfield in protest over rising ticket prices.

They are requesting fans to leave the stadium on 77 minutes, as earlier this week it was revealed that the most expensive seats in the redeveloped Main Stand will cost the spectators £77 from next season.

The protest has the full support of another supporters’ group Spirit of Shankly, who alongside the representatives from Spion Kop 1906 group had a discussion with the Anfield officials over ticket prices but were left fuming after the latest announcement.

In a series of tweets, Spion Kop 1906 stated: “Saturday is your chance to make your feelings known. Unhappy with the prices for next season? Then #WalkOutOn77

“77 – a number associated with @LFC. From Rome ’77 to £77 a ticket. Let’s give the number 77 a meaning on Saturday. #walkouton77

“If the club wants to charge up to £77 a ticket, make your feelings known and walk out on 77 minutes

“Up to a £13 increase in the Anfield Road next season. If you’re not happy then show your anger.

“Up to a £116 increase in The Main Stand next season. If you’re not happy then show your anger.

“Centenary Stand increasing to £66 when we told @LFC £59 was too expensive.”

Spirit of Shankly also used Twitter to show their support.

Their statement said: “We’re right behind the action of @SpionKop1906 to #walkouton77

“We need to stand together, all supporters, or prices will never change.

“We will also be announcing action for supporters not at the match or unable to talk part. Let’s see if LFC tells sponsors we are customers.”

Liverpool’s own supporters committee also labelled the newly reviewed ticket prices “morally unjustifiable”.

However, the most expensive season ticket price from next season will be £1,029 while the lowest costing £685. The highest Main Stand ticket will rise up from £59 to £77.

Liverpool have actually tried to hide the increases for some by introducing new £9 child tickets, which are only available for 3 ‘category C’ fixtures, representing less than 0.5% of total tickets for the season.


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