The walk-out at Anfield regarding the ticket prices was not just a protest against the Merseyside club but also a plea to the cash rich owners of every Premier League club who have made money a priority.

The Liverpool supporters who were not really happy with the rise in ticket prices for the next season staged a protest by walking out on the 77th minute in the game against Sunderland. One Jamie Carragher was also a part of the protest and was pictured leaving the stadium along with the supporters.

The Scouse legend later in his column for the Daily Mail, opened up about the whole controversy and explained why he was a part of the walk out at Anfield.

The ex-Liverpool defender said that the Premier League clubs were winning a lottery with the Television deals that are coming in next season and said that the clubs have no excuse to increase the ticket prices.

He said, “The new television deal, which will see £5billion pumped in domestically and another £3bn from overseas, means 20 clubs have won the lottery.”

Carragher also explained that inspite of his high wages, he is still supporting the ambitions of the fans and said that he would stand against the implementations of the most expensive seats in the clubs history.

He said, “I was at Anfield on Saturday when Liverpool fans took their stand about the club publishing a price list for tickets next season that will cost as much as £77. I walked out, along with another 10,000 or so, in the 77th minute.”

“People have said to me since then ‘it’s ok for you on your big wages, that’s why the prices are so high’. I was paid well, yes, but I was there for 17 years and in comparison to some of the other players who were in that squad, it was fair.”


“That’s what you want ticket prices to be: fair. I know the increase will not impact on me but I also know plenty about my city — £77 is too much to watch a game anywhere but that price is particularly over the top in Liverpool.”

“Why have they done it? It has been explained that it is only 200 seats for six best games of the season. If they had made the tickets £60, which is still expensive, Liverpool’s profits would fall by £20,400.”

The Sky Sports pundit also explained that the whole change in the pricing structure is not really going to help the club and explained how a 2 million increase in the profits for the club is not what FSG should be after.

“Liverpool generate around £35million from ticket income. Had FSG announced a freeze on prices when the new stand was completed, the income would have risen to £37m. The increase means they could generate £39m.”

“All this for the sake of £2m for the ninth richest club in the world! That would not make the slightest difference when it comes to negotiating for a player. If Jurgen Klopp wants to sign someone and the asking price is £2m more than Liverpool expected, will they miss out on the player? No. But £2m back in the pockets of fans? That would be huge.”

He also felt that the club is now in a bad time in its history and recalled the shambles the club were in back in 2010.

He wrote, “For a short time, it took me back to 2010 when the reign of previous owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett was falling apart. That was an awful time and this situation cannot be allowed to escalate. There can be no denying, however, Liverpool have got this wrong.”

He said that the Premier League clubs with all the new revenue have a great chance of winning the fans over from all over the world. He explained how freezing of prices would go a long way in getting some goodwill from the fans.

“This was a massive opportunity for Liverpool, for every club, a chance to make their fans proud and feel valued. Can you imagine how good the exposure for the Premier League would be if the teams came out and said every ticket at every stadium was being frozen?”






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