It has been seen for a long time now, the starting line-up of Liverpool gets revealed somehow much ahead of every match and the opposition as well as the whole media gets to know Liverpool’s plan for the respective game which acts as a plus for the opposition teams.

Yesterday ahead of their Europa League game, Thursday morning edition of French leading media L’Equipe named the Liverpool team which were to face Bordeaux. Surprisingly, Liverpool starting line-up which was featuring a number of key changes and the paper not being that close to the English giants, they got the starting XI spot on.

Here is the line-up L’Equipe revealed 24 hours ago:

The same line-up started. Here is the starting line-up-

In last season’s Champions League group stage game against Real Madrid, Marca also did the same despite some huge changes in the starting XI of the Reds.

It is interesting how newspapers of another country who are not followers of Liverpool, reveal the inside news of the club.

It must be done by some media who are against Liverpool, but it is unlikely that they will get the news. So it must be from the training ground of Liverpool where media cracks the news. 

It has been seen for Liverpool that player wear two colors of bibs during training, one is green and another is orange. The players who will start wear a color and the others wear another one. But, despite so many times the tactics getting exposed by Media, they still cannot manage to hide their secrets regarding tactics.

Most clubs have restrictions on press at such training events and/or avoid training there altogether by having a session at their own training ground immediately before the flight for a European match. A club wouldn’t train the night before at an opposition ground in England, despite staying over at a hotel, and there are reasons for that.

This is a huge failure for Liverpool and they must sort it out as soon as possible otherwise opposition will always take the best out of it.

    Snehanjan Banerjee closely follows English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A along with other world football events.

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