Controversial from Louis van Gaal: Man Utd were LUCKY to win 1999 Champions League final

Snehanjan Banerjee / 30 September 2015

Louis van Gaal is well-known due to his brave and arrogant comments in press conferences, which he did again. He stated that his current employers were lucky to win UEFA Champions League in 1999 which was Sir Alex Ferguson’s first European final.

Being in charge of the club and stating this that his side needed the luck to win the elite competition in Europe in past is really peculiar but it is Louis van Gaal who does not even care.

Ahead of Manchester United’s UEFA champions League game against German side Wolfsburg, the Dutchman claimed that if that United side could do it then the current team also can.

Although, Red Devils lost their first group game two weeks ago against PSV Eindhoven and Wolfsburg is comparatively a much stronger side, van Gaal seemed confident in his team.

His team is currently at the top of the table in English Premier League after a long 110 weeks and that might be the reason of his confidence.

‘Reaching the final is also an aim and winning the final is a little bit luck,’ said Van Gaal ahead of Wednesday’s Group B game at home against Wolfsburg.

‘I think so. It is not only about quality. It is also luck and I think Manchester United knows and remembers that fantastically when they won the Champions League in 1999. I saw at that time the people of Bayern Munich going downstairs (to celebrate) and then they (United) scored in the last minute and then in extra time (stoppage time) they scored again.’

‘You can say that is quality but when you see the match you know it is not like that.’

‘When you reach the final, it is a fantastic achievement but in the media it is nothing. For me as a manager, when you reach the final, you have done fantastically and to win the final, of course, all the honours are going to your team and yourself but I know better.’

It was classic Louis van Gaal but united fans might be displeased with the comments as the biggest win in their history is a courtesy to a bit of luck according to their current manager.

It is still considered as one of the best comebacks in football history and that too from a young United side as the Class of 92 became famous after that historic win and calling it ‘luck’ might feel like diminishing to their talents and hard work.

Van Gaal, however, does not rule out winning the tournament again by the time he is due to leave United at the end of next season, while midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who won it in 2013 with Bayern Munich at Wembley, claimed that it could even happen this time round.

Asked if United could win it, Schweinsteiger said: ‘Yes. I think so. But of course, first of all, we have to do our work.’

‘We lost the first match against PSV Eindhoven so as the manager said we have to win our games at home. I think the best strength of this team is the spirit of the players.’

‘It’s not easy to play here for the first time as a visiting player,’ Schweinsteiger said.

‘The supporters, you can feel the power of them and it’s good for us. But we have to play well and that’s the most important thing.

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