Amidst the speculations of Louis van Gaal’s sacking, there lie several questions- Who will take over as the next gaffer?  Will it be the tactical genius Jose Mourinho or will the United legend Ryan Giggs himself become a long term manager? Or will it be the mighty Pep Guardiola who will choose the red part of Manchester over the blue? Several such questions rush into the minds of fans all over the world. But there is one important question which goes unnoticed. Should Manchester United really need to use their sacking option to get rid of the Dutchman? Well, that won’t be needed actually. If Louis himself makes the decision to step down as the boss, the English giants wouldn’t have to exercise their power of terminating his contract. But, now arises the question- Should Louis van Gaal leave Manchester United?

When asked if the current run of form and results affect his standing and his future at the club, he iterated That is something I discuss with [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward not you. “It is not always the club that has to fire or sack me. Sometimes I do that by myself, but I am the one who wants to speak first with the board of Manchester United and my members of staff and my players, not with you [media].”

This clearly portrayed the anger of the gaffer because of the media speculations over his managerial contract termination. He also slayed the media in the prior press conference asking if any of them owed him an apology for the fake news spread by the journalists. It is very certain that Louis is well aware of the sacking and also that people are in favour of the same. But he clearly mentioned that the club needn’t exercise the option, he too can do the same. Well, it would be better if he himself steps down as the gaffer because sacking would disrespectful for both, the club and for Van Gaal himself. Also there is every reason for him to leave the club.

Starting from the gameplay, Manchester United has performed pathetically this season under him. There have been no signs of attacking football under his philosophy and that is absurd since the Red Devils are well known for their attacking football. Defensive game is not what United is made for, the squad is always up for scoring a few goals and grabbing the best outcomes. But with Van Gaal’s process, the team has been only playing boring football and aiming for draws and not massive victories. The Dutchman’s philosophy has rather turned into failosophy and the tactics have gone in vain. The £250 million budget which was spent by the boss hasn’t proven to be beneficial, either. Talking about the buys, Memphis Depay has turned to be a failed prospect totally and LvG is to be blamed for this. 

The winger is not being played in his actual position and is getting destroyed by his Dutch boss. All eyes were on him when his deal was confirmed but it has now turned into a disappointing buy. Chris Smalling evolved as a fantastic defender under Louis but now he is back to square one and doesn’t look fancy anymore. Wayne Rooney has struggled to net goals with Louis van Gaal making him play in the midfield, earlier. Juan Mata and Ander Herrera has been the most exploited under Van Gaal as the two of them were often benched ahead of Fellaini who has been shambolic in his play. Louis’ biggest mistake has been selling Robin van Persie and Chicharito and not buying replacements for them. Letting go off Januzaj too was a silly decision as he could have excelled better at the club. Rafael da Silva too left Man United under LvG and it stands as the biggest loss to the defense. Every fan criticized Moyes for destroying the standards of the club but has Louis van Gaal really made any major difference considering the huge budget he was awarded with? He took the team in the top 4 and gifted them a spot in the Champions League but in this year the same squad failed to qualify for the round of 16 and dropped down to Europa League. Also, United have lost to several clubs which are even below the midtable. Losing to Bournemouth and Norwich City are some of them. The lads even lost to Middlesborough and that was one defaming day in the lives of the players of the club. The 0-0 results have annoyed each supporter of the club.

When you talk of Manchester United, you talk about the biggest football club. Everyone expects the best of football at this English club. The greatest of players have been a part of the legacy and one fancies seeing the same even now. You cannot afford being average at this club, no one but the best of the lot deserve to be at Old Trafford. And this is what Louis van Gaal never realized at the club. Also, the injuries of the players added to his misery. The fans have seen the great Sir Alex Ferguson transform a team of average players to a league winning champions’ army. No one can be as mighty as SAF was but it is really difficult for the fans to see their beloved club in shambles.

All of this accounts to just one answer that Louis van Gaal should definitely leave the club. The manager was given a season and he did decently well. But now, the time has come to bid goodbye to the gaffer. Every tale has a bitter sweet ending to it and this has to be Louis van Gaal’s bitter sweet goodbye. The Dutchman should maintain his respect and himself step down as the manager before the club is forced to sack him. The fans will miss the Dutch manager but in football you cannot expect things to last forever. Goodbyes are inevitable and it’s time for Louis van Gaal to bid adeu to the greatest English team. 

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