Manchester United and Arsenal face major blow in Champions League draw for next season

shashi / 23 April 2015

Manchester United look all set to make their return to the Champions League football next season after their recent resurgence in the league which sees them currently ranked 3rd in the league and stake their claim for an automatic Champions League spot for next season.

Before United fans go over the moon in excitement, they will have to deal with UEFA’s latest regulation which could see Manchester United become one of the unseeded teams for the first time in Champions League history.

UEFA has confirmed a new seeding system which will have all the Champions of 7 biggest leagues in Europe named as top seed along with the Champions League winner this season.

This would spell trouble for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal as Chelsea look set to win the Premier League and force United to be among the unseeded teams.

In the scenario of Champions League winner being one of the domestic league winners as well, then the champions of UEFA’s eighth associates Holland will get the top seed, which will be this season’s Eridivise winners PSV.

Manchester United are in danger of ending up with a similar group of death which Manchester City suffered this season despite entering the Champions League being the Premier League champions.

Explaining their decision, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said: “Football is about winning, it’s about competition, it’s about sporting merit. I think it’s kind of a natural thing to give to those who have won a competition a special treatment like this.”

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