Former Manchester United captain summoned by the court for roadside tussle

shashi / 06 March 2015

Former Manchester United captain and legend Roy Keane has been summoned by the Trafford court for the alleged incident where he confronted a taxi driver in Altrincham on 30th January.

On the day of the incident, Greater Manchester Police had filed a report stating: “a report that a man had behaved aggressively towards another man”.

The man in the incident was former Man United captain Roy Keane, who was interviewed by the police on 2nd February and it looked all sorted. As it appears now, charges have been laid down and Keane has been summoned.

Roy Keane is due to appear in front of Trafford Magistrates’ court on 31st March, then only the extent of his punishment can be understood. Keane, who lives in Hale was believed to have taken the greater Manchester taxi service which ended in an on-road altercation with the driver.

Keane was always a short-tempered person which saw him play fire with fire on the pitch and even when he retired. Keane had famously launched verbal assaults on his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson saying that the Scot owes him an apology. These words refer to the way Keane was kicked out from the club.

In a recent event while returning from Paris after the Chelsea-PSG match it was believed that Sir Alex and Roy Keane were travelling in the same flight and were seated close to each other but the two did not see eye-to-eye neither any interaction. Keane, currently is working with ITV sports as a football pundit.

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