Manchester United fans blast Mike Oliver on twitter after the ref lets Kompany walk away

shashi / 07 April 2015

Manchester United fans were furious at Mike Oliver’s inconsistency last night as a Premier League referee when Oliver did not punish or take any action against Vincent Kompany in City’s game last night against Crystal Palace when Man City’s skipper clearly put his both hands on Oliver after a decision was given against the Belgian.
This incident has highlighted the controversial Di Maria’s red card once again as Mike Oliver was the ref who sent Di Maria off after the Argentine had appeared to put his hands on the ref to plead a free kick decision which went against him.
Oliver’s recent act of inconsistency has been bashed by the Manchester United fans on twitter as they recall that it is now the second occasion where Mike Oliver has failed to produce even a yellow card to a Man City player when they have clearly attempted to manhandle the ref and put the points across. 
Earlier in the season, Joe Hart had appeared to have leaned in with his head on Oliver after the ref did not give a decision in favor of Manchester City. Normally such behavior is dealt with a red card but Oliver decided not to take any action.
This indifferent behaviour by the ref has caused a serious rage among United fans who are feeling hard-done-by Oliver’s alarming inconsistency which saw Di Maria get a red card for his actions and he let Kompany and Joe Hart walk away.
Take a look at some of the best tweets by fans on Mike Oliver’s act of inconsistency. We start off with one of the most popular accounts on twitter right now, Di Maria’s parody @angry_dimaria:
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