Controversies have become a part of Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United as the players now have reportedly rebelled against the Dutch manager.

Daily Mail reports that a group of Manchester United players lead by captain Wayne Rooney and vice-captain Michael Carrick approached manager Louis van Gaal during the club’s practice session yesterday. Rooney and Carrick spoke to Van Gaal about his training methods and told him that some of the players felt they had become suppressed and that many were not enjoying their football.

Things were not helped when players were told that they would not get a single day off for three weeks in the lead-up to the Champions League qualifier against Club Bruges. 

It is further reported that some squad members feel like ‘robots’ under the Dutch manager’s famously methodical approach and as though they are wearing ‘straitjackets’ when they go onto the field of play.

Sportsmail quoted a source who said: “Nobody is allowed to take a chance.

“They feel like they are wearing straitjackets. Everything is in zones. It’s a case of “you can only go this far”. The feeling is that they are being turned into robots.

“Everything is structured. The manager enjoys a laugh, but they rarely see that on the training ground. It’s a case of you work here and you have a laugh outside.

“He is set in his ways. Because they have worked before he is unwilling to change them.

“It was all a big family under Sir Alex.

“They all ate in the same place, from the tea lady to Wayne Rooney – but that’s gone now. The hoi polloi have to pick up their lunches on a tray and go elsewhere.”

Stars are also struggling to adapt to the number of team meetings before and after games and the regimented structure Van Gaal has imposed on the club as a whole.  

The disharmony also appears to have spread to members of the club’s non-playing staff who are upset after they were told they would no longer be able to eat with players at the club’s Carrington training complex and ordered to eat their lunches in a separate room. 

It has been reported several times that Louis van Gaal had several fallouts with many players earlier. His infamous tiff with Victor Valdes grabbed several headlines.

Even Pedro Rodriguez apparently chose to join Chelsea ahead of United as he did not have a good impression about the Dutch manager.


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