Manchester United are arguably the world’s most famous football club, but after a disappointing and troubling start to the 2015-16 season, followed by underwhelming few months, the club’s value on the stock market has dropped by over £400m during the course of  this season. reports, current individuals shares price on the stock exchange was $13.83, which is equal to £9.67, and it is recorded a day after the horrifying 3-0 defeat at the White Hart Lane against Tottenham this weekend.

On the opening day of the 2015-16 season, when the Red devils faced Spurs, the price had been around 25% higher at $18.37, or £12.84. So in the last eight months, Manchester United’s overall market price has dropped by a shocking margin, from £2bn to £1.58bn.

Though the sad truth is Manchester United’s value fall in the stock market started with the arrival of Louis Van Gaal. And it has been strictly decreasing since then. When the Dutchman joined in 2014, the club’s overall market value was £650m, which is clearly higher than its current value, so a near $1bn decrease during this period.

Specific events have hit the club’s share price, as an example, getting knocked out of the UEFA Champions League in December.  But surprisingly with a growing army of corporate partners and powerful sponsors, United’s revenue and general wealth is still healthy and growing steadily.

Currently, the stock value has hit its all-time low, with the club having been floated on the market in 2012 at $14 (£9.78) per share, initially.

Right now, four points behind Manchester City with just six games left to play, Manchester United are now relying on mistakes and point drops of others, as well as their own results. From this point, a top four finish looks very tough, but it is football and everything is possible here. The Louis Van Gaal’s army will face West Ham United tonight in the FA cup quarter-final replay to keep their chances alive on winning the last piece of available silverware for them this season.

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