Mason Mount
The Insta stalker who harassed Mason Mount.

A model who had a one-night fling with Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount pursued him and sent his Blues’ teammates strange texts in which she referred to herself as the “Devil Baby.” In a scary campaign that started after a party at Ben Chilwell’s house, Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, confessed targeting the left-back and Chelsea academy starlet Billy Gilmour, alongside Mason Mount.

She promised to avoid purchasing meals in order to save money for new SIM cards, and she changed her number 21 times in order to stay in touch with Mason Mount after he blocked her. Gilmour, 21, who moved to Brighton and Hove Albion last year, said he was so disturbed he was unable to sleep. Mason Mount said he was terrified she might turn up at Chelsea’s training site in Cobham.

Mason Mount
Orla Melissa Sloan, who stalked Mason Mount and harassed him after sleeping with the Chelsea star at a party. Credits: Twitter

Orla Melissa Sloan – Mason Mount and Chelsea teammates’ nightmare

When Sloan, a social media influencer, gets sentenced on June 20, it is possible that she may go to jail. She allegedly met the footballers when Chilwell sent a buddy a message on Instagram inviting them to a party at his house. Jason Seetal, the prosecutor, said that she and Mason Mount shared one sleepover after the celebration. Mr Seetal said:

“There was communication between them for six months, following which Mr Mount decided that the relationship wasn’t going to progress to anything more and decided to end contact with the defendant. After this he was subjected to a bombardment of messages.”

Sloan’s number was blocked by Mount who then ordered her to stop texting him, but she started contacting him from various numbers and finally used 21, according to the evidence presented in court. She wrote the following in a WhatsApp message under the handle “Only God 10”:

“I found out about Bethany, Esme, and more – I will find out everything.”

Mason Mount
‘Devil Baby’ not only blackmailed Mason Mount, but also his Chelsea teammates Ben Chilwell and Billy Gilmour. Credits: Twitter

She texted him a picture of herself purchasing a new phone number for £12.99 and wrote:

“I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers. I really want to say sorry and if you could just talk to me and tell me how you feel I would really appreciate it because I’m finding it hard to move on from the situation. You must accept my apology and say sorry to me or you will unlock a new character called ‘Devil Baby,’ so let me apologise and make it right.”

Mason Mount, his friends, and family were all tagged in a montage of photographs of the England star with other ladies that was shared on the Instagram account ‘Devil Baby,’ which also started sending the Chelsea midfielder messages. The England international said the following in a statement delivered to the court:

“She knows where I live and where I train. I’m worried as she is unable to contact me she might turn up at my training centre.”

Not even Mason Mount’s teammates were spared. Sloan also barraged Chilwell with messages and collages of him with other women started to show up on the Devil Baby account. She sent eight additional texts in response to his request for her to leave him alone, the court was informed.

Mason Mount
Sloan is now facing criminal charges for harassing Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell and Billy Gilmour. Credits: Twitter

Following the party, Gilmour received messages as well. He also expressed his worries to Brighton, who increased security. Sloan also made untrue allegations that the midfielder—who transferred from Chelsea to the south coast club for £9 million—had given her a child. The Scot said:

“This has had a very negative impact on me; I have been unable to sleep and have had to resort to taking sleeping tablets. This has had a negative effect on my performances. During the time I consistently received messages from Orla I was in a new town where I didn’t know anyone or have any friends or family.

“This was a person I met once for a very brief period of time. The change in tone in her messages to try and get my attention was particularly worrying. The attacks from Orla have damaged relationships and friendships I already had.”

Sloan accepted two counts of stalking in relation to Mount and Gilmour, as well as one count of harassment without violence against Chilwell. When she is sentenced at the same court on June 20, district judge Neeta Minhas warned her she may receive a prison sentence for the stalking violations.

Sloan, who has 81,000 followers on Instagram, bragged in an interview from last April that she had made £50,000 in just four months after quitting her job at Marks & Spencer and starting to stream videos of herself eating Percy Pig candies while naked. She frequently uploads pictures of herself on opulent vacations in places like Bali, Mykonos, London, and Indonesia.