Bayern Munich defender Mehdi Benatia recently revealed that he would love to play for either Real Madrid or Juventus in future. According to media reports, apparently European giants Real Madrid and Juventus are keen on signing the Moroccon defender who had joined Bayern Munich last season. Apparently Bentia is honoured and flattered with the clubs’ interest in him.

He was quoted saying: “The interest of Real Madrid and Juventus would flatter any player because they are two great clubs. Therefore, it cannot but make you happy.

“But I’m already at a great club, to whom I’m bound by contract for another four years.

“My goal is to win the Champions League but my main objective is to play 35-40 games next season.

“If I should realise that I’m not going to be able to do that, then I will start to look around.

“In football, as you know, anything can happen.”

Eventhough Benatia pointed out that he is happy at the club and still ha four years of contract left. But he clarified that his aim is to play as many games as possible in a season. If that interest is not satisfied he might think of other possibilites in future. This is indeed a strong hint of him leaving the German giants in near future if an offer is made by any other top club.

Bayern Munich had paid a considerable amount of transfer fee last season to lure his services from AS Roma but club manager Pep Guardiola fielded gave him only 24 starts in the entire season.

The Spanish manager has to keep this demand of Benatia in mind in the coming season.


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