Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba fund 22 life-saving surgeries

Nagendra / 24 June 2016

Arsenal star midfielder Mesut Ozil and Juventus sensation Paul Pogba has clubbed together to fund medical attention for 22 African children for their much-needed surgeries.

Ozil has funded 11 operations and Pogba also funded another 11 operations as part of BigShoe11 charity campaign during their Euro 2016 campaigns.

Mesut Ozil has always won the plaudits when it comes to his charity work since the work he supported at World Cup in Brazil two years ago and he is continuing the good work he has been doing for a while now.

The 22 operations were all in success and the German midfielder has taken his twitter account to spread the good news.

In the video he posted, Ozil said: ‘I’m happy to be part of it. During the Euro, I will pay for 11 surgeries of needy children. That’s my eleven. That’s my favourite team.’

Paul Pogba has taken twitter to promote the campaign to support the needful children


Mesut Ozil previously have contributed his FIFA world cup earnings during the world cup campaign to 23 Brazilian children who were in need of surgery.

Ozil donated the money as a “thank you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil” and posted a heartfelt message on Facebook.

“Prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children [in Brazil],” the post read.

“Since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23.”

“This is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil.”

It is indeed a great gesture from both Pogba and Ozil and hopes their good work inspires many more and help all the needful children across the world in the future.