Chelsea might have landed Egypt’s Mohammed Salah from FC Basel in the 2013-14 winter transfer window after facing a tough competition from their Premier League rivals Liverpool. It was initially reported that Salah was poised for a move to Anfield but ended up signing for the Blues.

It was after his spectacular performances in the UEFA Champions League matches especially against Chelsea which made the London Club to show interest on him. Jose Mourinho’s men had the deal inked for 11 Million Euros. In an interview to an Egyptian TV, Salah reveals how joined the Blues.

Initially it was Chelsea manager Mourinho who first messaged him and later called Salah to get his nod but unfortunately Salah missed it. After sometime when Salah realised about this, he had no credits to call him back. So he decided to use the Watsapp route to reach former Real Madrid manager. Through Watsapp, Salah sent Mourinho a message asking the later to call him once more and Mourinho obliged. When Mourinho called the Egyptian back, the deal was agreed and Salah was brought to the Stamford Bridge.

Here is the interview of Mohammed Salah to a Egyptian channel which is translated below by @TalkOfFutbol in twitter.



The 22 year old winger was first bench at Chelsea but later gained his manager’s confidence and started few games towards the end of the season. He impressed everyone with his pace and vision. Salah made his debut for Chelsea during a 3-0 win over Newcastle United as he came on later on in the game as a substitute.

Salah scored his first goal for Chelsea in the 6-0 drubbing against Arsenal, the game that was said to be the 1000th game as Arsenal’s manager for Arsene Wenger. In his 10 appearances for Chelsea, Salah has scored twice and is regarded as a future prospect at the club. He has a pretty decent record for his counter for whom he scored 17 goals in 29 matches.


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