Mourinho seems confused
Mourinho seems confused

As shocking or surprising it may seem, it has happened. Yes, Mourinho has been thrown out of his managerial seat at the Stamford Bridge. Chelsea announced that the club and Jose have parted company today with mutual consent, earlier this day. Being hit by relegation crisis and putting up shambolic performances, the Blues experienced he most awful run this season.

The news of Jose’s sacking was always around the corner ever since Chelsea started dropping down on the league standings. However, no one anticipated that it would happen before the end of the season. Also, it was foolish of the management and board to sack him judging on the results of this season. Under Jose, Chelsea had won several laurels, including the latest PL title, which was last year.

Apparently it is believed that Jose Mourinho, turned down the £40m Severance package and told them to use it to “rebuild the club”. Jose Mourinho has put Chelsea to shame with his last act gesture as the Blues manager. Jose refused to accept the pay off out of love for the club and its improvement in terms of future progress.


This was indeed a heartfelt act from the manager and has made the fans emotional and happy at the same time. Well, his sacking must have been a dagger in the hearts of several Blues, but the man has left them with tears of joy with this very last act at the Stamford Bridge. Indeed, he stands as ‘The Special One’.

It is hard to imagine how this very 40million sum was seen as the reason for the delay in sacking Mourinho as the club did not want to pay that much in getting rid of their manager. As it turns out, Jose has left Chelsea in disgust and perhaps more in shame by denying the parting gift. For now, The Special One will stay in England to assess his next option.

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