Mourinho reveals the names of four players who have under performed this season

Puja Pincha / 12 December 2015

With people lashing out at Cesc Fabregas for his poor run, the club manager who dropped him in the Champions League clash against Porto has ironically come to the defence of the Spaniard and has said that its not been only Fabregas who has had a bad season but the list also includes three other veteran players.

Defending champions Chelsea sit at 14th position in the league having bagged just 15 points in 15 games. In the campaign when Mourinho led the Blues to a magnificent title victory, Cesc Fabregas was a very crucial key and an intergral part of the team.

This season well, not so much. But as the Special one has pointed out its not only been the case with Fabregas but the entire team which has underperformed this season. “This season he is at the same level as the team and it is difficult to play especially well. If you go player-by-player, last season – Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, John Terry – you could say were fantastic ” added the Portuguese further. 

Ivonovic, Cahill and Terry provided Chelsea with an air tight defense breaching which would take a lot out of the opponents. But this season the tables have completely turned and the defense this season has been in shambles and  Mourinho has rightly singled out the pathetic performers of his team.

On the matter of Fabregas’s dip in form the ex Madrid boss said that he hasn’t seen any lack when in the intent of the Spanish midfielder. “I don’t see Cesc differently, but what I see is that every minute the professionalism is there and he is never afraid to have the ball or to be afraid to make a mistake. I completely trust him”echoed the boss showing his support for Fabregas.

Though things look a bit up after the convincing performance against Porto but it will a test for Chelsea when they take on table toppers Leicester City on Monday.

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