Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho have strongly defended their style of play while they close in on their first Premier League title in five years. Recently critics have labelled as “boring” while Arsenal fans chanted “boring, boring Chelsea” in the goalless draw that was played last Sunday.

Chelsea are often criticized for the lack of adventure in big games as they often sit back and defend in numbers and then counter attack. The Blues manager thinks that the future of football as “a beautiful green grass carpet without goals”.

He said, “People talk about style and flair but what is that?”

“Sometimes I ask myself about the future, and maybe the future of football is a beautiful, green grass carpet without goals, where the team with more ball possession wins the game. The way people analyse style and flair is to take the goals off the pitch. It’s the football they play on the moon – where the surface is not good, with some holes but no goals.

“Everyone speaks about teams playing fantastically well because they ‘had great ball possession’. It looks like the goals aren’t important. They conclude a team that scores as many as we do is boring but a team with 70% of the ball who don’t score isn’t.

“Maybe, when my grandsons play, football will be a game without goals and we’ll just enjoy people passing the ball. But when football is played without goals, you will say it’s boring. You will say bring the goals back. For me, it’s still about putting the ball in your opponents’ net, and keeping it out of your own.”

He added, “For me, the ‘beautiful game’ is to go to every match knowing exactly the way you have to play and what you have to do. At Arsenal we were brilliant. Brilliant. A game where we were brilliant from the first minute.

“Us boring? It cannot be true. It’s all about establishing the criteria. Who scored the most beautiful goals in the Premier League? If that is a criteria, Chelsea did it collectively [with André Schürrle’s goal at Burnley in August]. If the concept is the number of goals, City scored more than us. But 18 teams scored fewer than us, so there are 18 teams who are more boring than us. Do you think, in the Premier League, there is one manager who will say that Chelsea don’t deserve to be champions? I think, out of the other 19 managers, the huge percentage will say Chelsea deserve to win the league.

“If a good team is the team with most points, we are the best team. If a good team is the team with most victories, we are the best team. If the best team are the side with fewest defeats, we are the best team. If the best team is the one that leads, we are the best team. If the best team is the side with fewest conceded, we are the second best team. In any criteria you can find, we are the best team or the second best team. It’s as simple as that.”


Video credits: BBC

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