Jose Mourinho to extend his stay at Chelsea

Nagendra / 05 May 2015

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are ready to negotiate over a new contract that would see the manager staying at Stamford bridge till 2019. Mourinho have signed a four year deal on his return from Real Madrid back in 2013 which will see him till 2017.

With Chelsea securing their first Premier League title in five years and the manner in which they have dominated the league from the start of the season made Chelsea hierarchy think about Mourinho’s contract beyond 2017.

Earlier Mourinho said: “I’m not here thinking about my next move because I don’t want to have a next move. I will have a next move if and when Chelsea decides it’s time for that.”

“I’m here to stay. I belong to Chelsea, Chelsea belong to me. I gave a lot to Chelsea in the past, but they also gave a lot to me. This is a different professional relationship.”

The 52-year old have had a great sccess in his first term as he managed to win Chelsea their first Premier League and then had another league success before leaving Chelsea. He then moved to Porto and Inter and won trebles with them before returning to Stamford Bridge for the second term.

The Chelsea management have backed Mourinho in his battle against match officials earlier this season and Mourinho repaid them with a Premier League success.

Mourinho after their Premier League title said, “I stay here until Mr Abramovich wants me. The day he tells me to go, I go. He is the man who won every title at Chelsea – some players won some, some different managers won others, but Mr Abramovich won them all. If he has replicas made [of all the trophies the side have claimed], he will need a big house.”

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