Revealed: The reason why Chelsea cannot sack Mourinho at the emergency meeting

Puja Pincha / 16 December 2015

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has called an emergency meeting of the board today to decide the future of his special manager, Jose Mourinho.

On Monday Chelsea lost to table toppers Leicester City and now stand at the 16th position in the league table, only one position shy of a relegation spot having acquired only 15 points. Chelsea’s form this season has been far from the great quality of football that they showcased last season to win the league in a convincing manner. All through this pathetic plight, the Russian owner, contrary to his character has backed the special one but whether the support will continue through the end of this season or not will be clear after this meeting.

When Mourinho won the league last season, the owner heaping praise on the Special One awarded Mourinho with a four year deal and it seemed like Mourinho was the manager chosen to build a Chelsea legacy like that of Manchester United. This made Mourinho the highes paid manager in the Premier League with his salary being in the region of 8 million pounds to 13 million pounds. Who knew that things would take such a drastic turn that the manager who was regarded as supposedly the best in Europe is now close to a potential dramatic sacking saga. But things are not as simple as they look because sacking Mourinho would cause the Russian a small fortune of 40 million pounds! And this emergency meeting is to weigh the pros and cons of sacking or keeping JoseMourinho.

Though the wealthy Russian is not new to spending hugs amounts of money to change the managing staff as previously he splashed a whooping 16 million pounds to get rid of Mourinho and his staff in 2007, Abramovich is on the track for changing his reputation of being a whimsical owner the proof of which is in him baking the Portuguese in the first half of the season. Also a lack of good choices would also prompt the boss to continue with Mourinho and see where the season goes in the end as club legend Frank Lampard pointed out. “Obviously we’ve been here before with Chelsea when managers change midway through the season.I don’t know how many times you can do that. We had some good results from doing it before but we had a different set of players at that point.But I have to say what they set out to do when Jose Mourinho came back was to have a long-term plan. What can they gain by getting rid of him now? They are probably not going to make the top four anyway or the top six. They’re not going to get relegated I think if we are honest so I’m sure there’s a view from Roman Abramovich to say, ‘Hang on, let’s see what happens at the end of the season” is what the New York midfielder told reporters.

Even if Mourinho stays on, he is said to have lost the support of the players and what the management decides in this meeting will be crucial for Chelsea going into the second half of the season

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