What can one say about Chelsea’s campaign this season! It has been nightmarish and unforgettable. In this international break the players and the manager would try to rinse off defeat and try to get back to winning ways.

But standing at 16th position turning things around would require something marvellous which Chelsea is lacking in right now! The special case of Chelsea needs special care and attention and leading the front for helping Chelsea and the Special one to get back on his feet is Abramovich who has shown his faith in Jose Mourinho and has said that Mourinho will continue at the Stamford Bridge outfit.

With words of support flowing in from all corners of the world, the FA too has shown support for Chelsea and has come up with a new set of rules for a Champion team. A special child needs special attention you know! So here are the new rules specifically made for Chelsea to save them from the falling into relegation

1. Chelsea will be allowed to field 13 players during home games and 15 during away games.

 2. If they win 2 consecutive corners kicks they will be awarded a penalty.

 3. Any attempt on goal will be treated as a goal, including off-target shots. (Every effort counts)

4. If a Chelsea player is fouled, that’s a straight penalty regardless of the position. (They have already been through a lot this is the least one could do!)

5. They will be allowed to make 13 substitutions.

6. They will be awarded 6 points for every match won, 4 points for a draw and 2 points if they lose. (Participation is equally important you know)

7. They will be allowed to field 2 or 3 goalkeepers at the same time.

8. Any attempt to tackle or mark Hazard will result in a penalty.

9. Finally, Jose Mourinho will be allowed to instruct the players inside the pitch as the match is ongoing

So join hands to help Chelsea because god knows they need it!

*Disclaimer: This article is written for fun, and should be taken light-heartedly 

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