Not-so Special Jose? Luiz takes a swipe at Mourinho ahead of the Champions League Clash

shashi / 08 March 2015

As Chelsea prepare to host PSG for the mega last-16-second-leg clash in the Champions League, David Luiz has taken a swipe at his former manager Jose Mourinho.

Luiz will return to Stamford Bridge to play his first match there since joining PSG after leaving Chelsea in a £50 million deal earlier in the summer.

According to Mirror, ahead of this all important last-16-second-leg clash, Luiz was asked by the reporters about his former manager’s “Special one” nickname.

Luiz is known to give witty answers in his interviews but his reply left everyone stunned in the press conference. Luiz blatantly replied and said: “He is special for you, not for me.”

These comments indicate that, Mourinho-Luiz relationship did not end well specially after Mourinho did not prefer to play Luiz in his preferred position. Under Mourinho, Luiz played just the one season and mostly as the holding midfielder where he represented the blues only 19 times before he was sold to PSG.

Even in the short spell at Chelsea, Luiz must have known about Mourinho’s strengths as a manager. Jose likes to get under the skin of opposing teams and perhaps knowing that Luiz has come out and started this saga before Jose could say anything.

Wise move or not? It will be seen when the final whistle blows at Stamford Bridge on 12th February and which team eventually qualifies for the Quarter finals. One thing is for sure that, starting a tug of war with Mourinho may never be a wise move.

Luiz saying such a thing about Mourinho will only stir up the Chelsea versus PSG clash. Teams will be vowing for a spot in the Quarter Finals and players like David Luiz and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will have an added motive of doing well against their former mentor Jose Mourinho.


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