Pep Guardiola becoming the NEXT the manager is my BIGGEST fear says Man United legend

Manasi Pathak / 04 November 2015

Manchester United is currently under the reign of Louis Van Gaal and his ‘philosophy’. Whenever questioned about the team’s tactics and performance, the gaffer has always requested the fans and media to stay calm as it claims his game plan to be a ‘process’.

After putting up a good fight against CSKA Moscow at Old Trafford, fans around the world were seeing rejoicing, especially Peter Schmeichel, the former Manchester United keeper. Peter expressed his happiness as he said he was impressed by the dedication of the lads. Also, the former keeper has an opinion about Pep Guardiola, which has made news lately.

Schmeichel isn’t in the favour of Pep landing up with the Red Devils. He claimed that the club’s style of play shouldn’t be sacrificed or altered for any manager’s tactics, regardless of how reputed the manager is, including Mr. Guardiola. 

van Gaal has already been a victim of massive criticism from the fans for his ideologies. So when Schmeichel was questioned about it, he canned the idea of Pep managing United. He said,

“This is my biggest fear that someone like Pep Guardiola will become the next Manchester United manager,” said former United GK.

“Guardiola has a way of playing, he has a system and he sticks to that. He has changed Bayern Munich from what I thought was a fantastic treble-winning team under Jupp Heynckes.

“[They played] quick football, through the middle, using the width of the pitch, but they were passing the ball and killing everyone they played against.

“He started to make them pass the ball sideways and I don’t think they are as exciting as what they were.”

Well, it’s clearly certain that if at all Pep lands up at United, we all know who is not going to like this! 

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