Phil Jones responds to the criticism of his former team mate Paul Scholes

shashi / 08 June 2015

England and Manchester United defender has smartly responded to the criticisms by his former teammate and Man United legend Paul Scholes.

Scholes had earlier hit out at Jones for not being clever enough for a central defender. Scholes claimed that Jones is often dragged out of positions very easily for a player of his caliber against intelligent attackers.

Jones decided to respond to those claims by being very mature in his choice of words. Jones claimed that, these words do not affect him anymore and he is more focused on improving his game and succeeding with his club and national side.

Jones was speaking following England’s draw against Ireland. Jones said: “People comment all the time about individuals,”

Gone are the days when I used to take notice of what people say and react to it. It doesn’t bother me one little bit any more.

“I am at the stage now where I can’t be considered as a young player any more. I have got to step up, keep playing well and do what I do best.”

“Obviously centre-back is where I want to be playing, but I was happy to play at right-back (against Ireland).

These comments must send a direct message to all the players turned pundits about keeping their opinions in a more profound manner.

It is never easy for a player, who is constantly asked to play in different positions. Someone like Jones must be given one position and should be asked to master it instead of chopping and changing his playing style.

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