After being taken into custody regarding Valbuena sex tape blackmailing case, now a new phone call record has come into picture that indicates Karim Benzema might be behind the tape indeed. The prosecutors have listened to a telephone conversation where Benzema explained he was certain that Valbuena will give in to the blackmail.In the tape, Benzema is heard saying: ‘’Do not worry. He has no choice. I’ll make him understand. He’ll pay.”

RMC says, ‘’Karim Benzema’s lawyer is current working to get a reduced judicial supervision for his client, without which, Benzema cannot leave France’’

Leading French magazine Le point has claimed Benzema is linked to a cocaine trafficking scandal.

Le Point has written,’’The number one suspect in the Air Cocaine case, an individual who is accused of having paid for and sponsored transatlantic flights to the Dominican Republic and Ecuador from France, was identified through his links with Karim Benzema.

The judge in charge of the case Christine Ruellan-Saunier has struggled so far to understand who had the financial capacity to pay for several transatlantic flights costing hundreds of thousands of euros. Who could have access to 700kg of drugs in the Andean market to then allow for them to flow to Europe making millions of euros in the process?

The alleged organisers of the flights, Frank Colin, and Nicolas Pisapia, a passenger who was arrested in Punta Cana in March 2013, have both always claimed that the real mastermind behind these transatlantic flights was a man known as “Daryan” or “Rayan”, a football agent and a big football fan.

It was allegedly he who paid for the use of these airliners. According to several people who met this individual, who have now testified before the investigators, “Rayan” appeared to live in Spain or Italy, each time in close proximity to Karim Benzema. Frank Colin has never revealed the true identity of “Rayan”, perhaps because he simply does not know, or perhaps out of fear.

The police have begun to cooperate with their partners in Spain to track down this “Rayan” character who is apparently not very discreet, known to drive around the streets of Marbella in a red Bentley convertible.

In the meantime, on 16th October 2014 in Cartagena, eight people were arrested while unloading 400kg of cocaine in a warehouse. One of the individuals involved in this particular find was Ali Bouchareb, 43. When police raided this individual’s house, they found several photos of the individual with Karim Benzema and even autographed shoes from the Real Madrid man.

Ali Bouchareb is also a suspect in the Air Cocaine case and is said to be close to Karim Benzema.

The player’s agent, Karim Djaziri responded to these allegations: “I am not aware of this story and have never heard of a member of Karim Benzema’s entourage being imprisoned in Spain for drug trafficking. You know, Karim has 20 million fans on Facebook. Any madman can take selfies with him several times. It does not mean they are related.”


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