Premier League- Battle For The Top 4 Spots

Umesh Singh / 27 November 2014

This season Chelsea are brutally dominating the premier league as they are 8 points clear of their potential title rivals Manchester City. Every season Chelsea, Man united, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs are the only teams that are battling out for title and are among the top 4 teams. This year the scenario is completely different as teams like Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle and Swansea have also joined the race whereas Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Everton are struggling with their form.

If we go by history, Premier League has always been the survival of the fittest race and hence realistically speaking team like West Ham, Newcastle and Swansea will not be able to endure in this race for a long time and the chances of these teams to crash out of top 4 are very high. So, let us analyze the teams that are capable enough to surviving this race and calculate their odds of finishing in top 4.

Manchester City: Champions of the previous are quite comfortably there among the top 4 with 24 points and 5 points above 4th placed Man United but are not competing for the title. Man city have a very good squad with world class players but their only problem is most of their key players are ageing. Due to this the squad chemistry is disrupted. Man City have the potential to survive in top 4 and maybe to even challenge for the title.

Manchester United: For Manchester United things are not up to the mark till now, much more was expected after the arrival of Louis Van Gaal and some world class additions to the squad. Currently Man United are 4th in the table with just 19 points in 12 games. Their major problem is their defense which is very immature and filled with many young players and second is multiple injury problems. It won’t be easy for the red devils to survive in top 4 and they may have to face serious competitions from other teams.

Arsenal: This season has turned out to be a nightmare for the Gunners. Arsenal had a successful transfer window where they signed some world class players and the squad commenced this season with high morale. Arsenal are going through many problems one of them is an incomplete midfield and secondly multiple injuries. As the history says Arsenal are destined to finish 4th in the premier league this year also they might, as things will get better the squad will become more and more competitive and also because of their survival instincts they can end up in the champions league spot.

Liverpool: This season has been a disaster for Liverpool. They are just 4 points above relegation zone with only 14 points in 12 games. After the departure of Luis Suarez Liverpool have lost their goal scoring sensation whereas Daniel Sturidge is also sidelined until January. Their defending is awfully poor and they have lost most of the games because of sloppy defending. Their chances of qualifying for European football are very less and their chances of competing for the title are even lesser.

Tottenham Hotspurs: This season Spurs have a new manager with old players unlike last season. Mauricio Pochettino has had successful spell in Spain and also in England with Southampton. But the only drawback of having him as a manager is teams under him develop very slowly, hence Spurs are not having a very luxurious season and their form is fluctuating. Currently they are 10th in the table but as the manager settles the team might get better and ambitious.

Everton: This season has not been good for Everton as well. Much more was expected from Roberto Martinez after a successful transfer window but something badly went wrong. This team is good at attack but sloppy at the back. Whereas they are also unable to handle the pressure of both Europa and EPL at the same time. As the season passes by the team will either get knocked out of Europa or will slip in premier league. Their chances of getting into top 4 are very less considering the standard of competition and the pressure which they are going through.

Southampton: Southampton have been a surprise package this season as they are shockingly 2nd in the table 2 points ahead of Man City. Such a start was not expected from Southampton as most of their key player and manager left the club. But it was Koeman’s spell and some brainy signings that are behind this success. Their chances of maintaining this run are not so good as they are unable to beat big teams and also have a series of difficult fixtures in the month of December.

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