Premier League clubs should lower the ticket price, says Tony PulisPremier League clubs should lower the ticket price, says Tony Pulis
Premier League clubs should lower the ticket price, says Tony Pulis

A football game without fans will be unthinkably boring, and everyone knows it. Every fan wants to watch their favourite team performing from the stands. The biggest threat to their dream is the whooping ticket price demanded by the club management. Now, West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis has scrutinised this act and voiced his desire to lower the ticket fare considerably low, somewhere around 10 Euros, as reported by The Guardian.

The Welsh football manager who is currently managing West Bromwich Albion demanded the ticket price should be feasible for the common people, that is it should be below 10 Euros. He also asked for the management to stop taking advantage of the passion of fans towards the game, phrasing the thought as “stop milking the supporters”

It all started last week, when a whole lot of Liverpool fans boycotted the Anfield, after 77-minutes into the game chanting “You greedy b*****ds, enough is enough”, which was an aftermath of a revealed idea to increase the ticket price. However, Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Liverpool, changed their mind about the price hike, which means the club will not rise the fee for next two years.

Now, the manager has criticised acts as such, emphasizing fans are the essential elements that are helping football to grow and thrive.

“With all the money coming in, I would love to see that atmosphere come back,” said Pulis to BBC English Football. “I would love away supporters to only pay £10 a ticket: whatever ground you go to, make it £10.”

The manager also found space to praise the ethics of German football clubs who value fans very much and feels the pulse of them.

“You can give 5-6,000 tickets to the away support, they would sell them and we would get back to the atmospheres we used to have. That is one thing the Germans have got over us at the moment: every ground you go to the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. It will help the supporters as well.”

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