Premier League suggests Liverpool goal against Bournemouth should have been given offside

Dipesh Agarwal / 21 August 2015

Premier League have written to all the club to clarify the new set of offside rules, and suggested Christian Benteke’s goal against Bournemouth should have been ruled offside.

Referee Craig Pawson and assistant Harry Lennard allowed Christian Benteke’s goal from a Jordan Henderson cross, but it should have been ruled offside as Philippe Coutinho was in an offside position and attempted to take a shot despite him not getting a touch of the ball. 

In a statement on their website, the league said: “The Premier League has this week written to its clubs to clarify the new interpretation of the offside law decided by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) this summer.

“Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) issued this guidance in order to clear up any misunderstandings that arose following the goal awarded to Liverpool in their Monday night match against AFC Bournemouth.

“The Premier League does not generally comment on decisions made by match officials. However, given the recent change to the interpretation of the offside law and the fact that it was made close to the start of the season, the League felt it was appropriate, in this instance, to publish in order to inform fans and other stakeholders.”

In relation to the Liverpool goal, the league said the actions of Philippe Coutinho (named as Red10) should have led to an offside flag.

It said there was: “Clear attempt to play the ball by Red10 (stretches with right leg in an attempt to play the ball), no contact is made with the ball, but the ball is close to Red10.

“Red10’s actions impact on an opponent, in this case the goalkeeper (goalkeeper needs to delay his action to wait and see if the attacking player in an offside position touches/plays the ball).

“Expected outcome: Offside offence.”

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