Two of England’s fastest players look to be on the move from their current clubs. Raheem Sterling and Theo Walcott are refusing to commit to the new contract at Liverpool and Arsenal respectively but is their refusal inter-linked in some way or the other?

Ever since the news of Sterling’s presumed departure from Liverpool came out, there have been constant rumours of Walcott walking out on Arsenal and we believe the reason behind it is Walcott’s desire to replace Sterling in Liverpool’s playing starting XI.

Walcott has been left to waste his time at Arsenal on the bench as he has fallen behind in the pack behind the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, Alex Chamberlin, and Mesut Ozil. With Sterling moving away from Liverpool it opens up a beautiful opportunity for Walcott to play regular football and revive his England International career.

Manchester United are the other team in the race for Walcott’s signature but Theo will face similar problems at Old Trafford of having to overcome the first team challenge by Ashley Young, Juan Mata, Antonio Valencia and Angel Di Maria.

Walcott is planning his Arsenal exit in the most strategic manner possible where he is buying his time to see the outcome of Sterling’s contract saga and delaying his decision. Walcott will have time on his side as the eventual decision will be revealed before the new season begins which will allow Walcott enough time to decide whether to stay at Arsenal or leave for Liverpool.

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