Real Madrid are now favorites to keep Sergio Ramos after this sensational statement by his mother

shashi / 30 June 2015

Sergio Ramos to Manchester United is covering all the possible angles before a valid conclusion is reached. In the latest twist in this astonishing transfer saga is the mother of the Real Madrid man.

Since Ramos is on leave and Real Madrid are unwilling to say anything about the transfer, Spanish media approached Ramos’ mother for an update on his son’s linked move to Manchester United.

In fairness, her answer would not give any hope to the Manchester United fans of the world cup winner coming to Old Trafford next summer.

Real Madrid man’s mother Paqui Garcia was approached by the Spanish channel La Sexta and when asked about Ramos to Manchester United she simply said: “No. I think not, let’s go…He wants Spain.”

This statement comes in light of Manchester United’s reported £28.5million bid and talks of Old Trafford club willing to go to as high as £42.5million to sign the 29-year old defender.


How much truth or viability can be drawn from Paqui Garcia’s words it will only be told at the end of transfer window but it does seem at the moment that the ball is in Real Madrid’s court after the statement given by Sergio Ramos’ mother.

It indeed is turning out to be mother of all transfers. This has not gone unnoticed by the people back in England. Harry Redknapp took his time to comment on the manner of Paqui Garcia’s statement on Sergio Ramos.

It was so reminiscent of many Harry Redkanpp’s deadline day statement made in rush from his car. Harry could resist himself and tweeted this, watch here:

Following his manager, Rio Ferdinand was also quick to point out that if there is any substance to the transfer story Manchester United must go ahead and sign Ramos as he is one of the world’s best at his position.

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