Revealed: The Real reason why Manchester United were eliminated from UCL

Sankha Ghosh / 10 December 2015

The United boss and his team believed their dressing room at Wolfsburg’s Volkswagen Arena was too warm on Tuesday night during the Champions League encounter.

Wolfsburg were left puzzled by the unique complaints as the EPL giants post-mortem on their frustrating Group B campaign began after the Champions League exit.

However, the German side claim the temperature was the same for any visiting team they have welcomed. But van Gaal’s men were left sweating ahead their crucial encounter which they eventually lost 3-2 and dropped down to the Europa League and they were certainly not happy about it.

Manchester United also claimed the Premier League do not give enough help to English sides, unlike other league authorities of Europe who move domestic fixtures to help their teams out avoiding hectic fixtures.

The Red Devils think the organisation could help by arranging some fixtures involving Champions League sides on Friday nights, giving them enough rest before European encounters the following midweek.

But as the Premier League is keen to maximise their global audience, they are right now unwilling to entertain that idea.

Despite the shock defeat, van Gaal’s position as United manager is still in safe zone as the club hierarchy believe success in the Premier League is more important than advancement in the Champions League.

Even before Manchester United’s group stage exit on Tuesday, the club announced winning the Premier League is a bigger achievement than Champions League trophy because of how competitive the English top-flight has become after the latest £5.1billion broadcasting deal.

The Red Devils are right now three points off top spot in fourth position.

Another bizarre incident happened after the Champions League loss as there were reports claiming United fans will be punished if they fails to attend Europa League games.

The club sent an email to supporters telling them that if they have no interest in Europa League’s Thursday night football, they will miss the domestic weekend fixtures.

The statement read: “Please be aware that by not attending Europa League home games, you will no longer be eligible to apply for domestic away games — this may also affect applications for cup finals.”


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