If you have a dream, make sure you do evrything possible in your might to acheive your endeavours. Southampton‘s striker Ricky Lambert too is one amongst us. Finally the 32 year old will relaize his life long ambition to play for Liverpool after being rejected by the Reds as a 15-year-old. Lambert is on verge of completing a £4m move to Merseyside, a deal that has been completed after several instances today.

Lambert’s mother Maureen too couldnt hold back her sheer ecstacy after his son was on the verge of sealing a life long ambition. Standing on the touchline at Liverpool’s academy in the 1990s, watching her determined son Rickie begin his career, she knew one day his rewards would come.

‘I always said he was going to the Premier League,’ Maureen recalled. ‘When we were at Liverpool and I was with the mums, I used to say, “I will be in my 50s before he becomes famous”. I just knew from when he was little. He was lovely growing up, always playing football.’

Rarely are dreams fulfilled as romantically as in this story. From the despair of suffering rejection when he was 15, to finding work in a beetroot factory called Red Velvet on £20 per day

Brendan Rodgers side wiil compete on several fronts, including teh Champiosn League after a long absence of six years, in the coming campaugn and the Reds believe that Lambert could provide an extra dimension to Liverpool’s attack up front with the likes of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge up front. 

Lambert arriving at Liverpool before medical:
Lambert speaking to Sky Sports after Liverpool medical

Sometings in life do happen. Beter late than never.


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