Sir Alex Ferguson reveals he ALMOST left Manchester United for Italian Giants

Snehanjan Banerjee / 22 September 2015

In his new autobiography “Leading”, former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he had the chance to become an Inter Milan manager.

But, he stayed at Old Trafford for as long as 26 years. During his 26-year spell in charge of the Red Devils, he won a huge number of trophies making the Old Trafford side the most successful club in England. He won 13 League titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 2 Champions League titles and many more trophies, but his career could have followed a different path according to his revelation in the book.

Ferguson made the confession in his latest book Leading that he had job interviews with Barcelona and Wolves before he joined United.

And despite never mentioning it in either of his 1999 and 2013 autobiographies, Ferguson has now claimed his reign could have been cut short by a move to Italy with Inter Milan.

However, Inter’s transfer plans and his wife’s preference to stay in Britain came to the rescue of the Manchester United fans.

Ferguson writes: ‘Later in my career, I met with a representative of Massimo Moratti, the long-time owner of Inter Milan.

‘That went out of the window the moment he showed me a list of the players they were going to buy and sell, which is just as well because I would never have persuaded Cathy to move to Italy.’

Sir Alex also told about a few job interviews he went through in his life.

The first was at Scottish side Queen’s Park in 1974, which he described as a ‘disaster’ because he was ‘completely unprepared’. 

Ferguson, who had been expecting to meet the chairman, admits he was ‘nervous’ when he walked into a room with a committee including men he had played with.

‘I was shockingly bad’, he recalls. ‘I spent the whole interview trying to justify myself and my record, rather than just being myself.

Queen’s Park eventually rejected him in favour of Dave McParland. 

Even a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson was rejected by teams which is inspirational as he later became a master of the game reaching the ultimate heights of football with Manchester United and became so many trophies which make him the mot decorated football manager in British football history.

Ferguson was also interviewed for jobs at Wolves in 1982 and Barcelona in 1983 – both of which were during his time as Aberdeen manager. 

However, Manchester United fans will be happy that clubs like Barcelona and Inter did not get him as he is the best thing that happened to Manchester United. When he took charge at Old Trafford, they had only seven League titles, eleven short of Liverpool who had 18 but he knocked their rivals from their “perch” to boast most league titles in England and when he retired, United leads Liverpool with two League titles.

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