Arsenal have been given the green light on their long-term interest in PSG striker Edinson Cavani and the deal may be finalized this summer.

The Uruguayan striker has scored an astonishing 69 goals for PSG since arriving from Napoli and Arsene Wenger is reportedly eager to close in on the deal to sign the forward as soon as possible.

The green signal was given by PSG manage Laurent Blanc who told that Cavani was free to leave the club in January itself. Cavani had previously demanded Blanc to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic and make him as PSG’s main striker.

“There is a problem with Cavani’s behaviour but my job is to think of the entire squad as a collective,” said Blanc.

“I believe that he can score here but I understand if he wants to consider other career opportunities.”

Due to the absence of Danny Welback, attacking options for Wenger have been limited and it is not certain when he would be back.

So, Cavani is considered to be a good replacement and would definitely help Giroud up-front. The forward would cost a fee of at least €53m (£40m) for the Gunners and Arsenal would be happy to sign him up to bolster their attack.

The forward has been quite prolific at PSG despite the likes of Zlatan in the team and has enjoyed 120 appearances since 2013.

To add to the transfer excitement, both Manchester United and Liverpool are trying to sign the striker whereas Arsenal fans are praying for Wenger to bring attackers to the team to reduce the pressure on Giroud.

Cavani has been utilized for a wider role at PSG with Zlatan as the central striker and this system has not satisfied Cavani much.

His striking abilities would be better utilized with a far more stabilized formation but Blanc is apprehensive of giving more freedom to Cavani as he also needs to position all the players of the team appropriatelty.


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