England and Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard may quit international football after the World Cup.

Gerrard,who turns 34 next week, and is set to lead England in the World Cup, insists no decision has been madebut this might be the last time he plays for the three lions. Liverpool’s imminent return to Champions League will be a major factor if Gerrard decided to retire from international football. England manager, Roy Hodgson believes his skipper is capable of leading England through a Euro 2016 qualifying campaign and on into the tournament itself. Gerrard admits he’ll sit down with Hodgson and Brendan Rodgers after the World Cup to decide his future. He has promised a quick decision, after the World Cup and will not leave “anyone hanging”.

“I’m not going to leave anyone hanging,” Gerrard said. “Don’t worry, as soon as the World Cup is over I’ll sit down with the manager at the right time and I’ll make the decision.

“I can be open and honest with you now that I haven’t made that decision because I haven’t had the chance to chat with the manager at length over it.

“But I’ll be chatting to [Liverpool manager] Brendan Rodgers, Roy Hodgson and a few important people around me whose opinion I respect, players I’ve played with. I’ll chat to them all and make the right decision at the right time.

“It will be very close after the World Cup I’ll make that decision.

“It does to depend on how the World Cup goes, how I perform, how the team performs. Am I still going to be wanted after the World Cup? These are all the questions we’ll have to sit down and answer.

“I won’t stay around if I’m not wanted. I hope I perform to the level where I am wanted and I’ve got that difficult decision to make.”

Gerrard is only six appearances away of Beckham‘s record of 115 and the three lions captain admits his desire to achieve it. 

It is a target but it’s not a very important one,” Gerrard said. “It’s not one I’ve thought about a lot but I have thought about it.

“To get close to David Beckham, to match him, or to go ahead of him would be an unbelievable achievement.

“He’s a hero of mine, I was lucky enough to play with him. He’s a top role model and a top player as well.

“I have thought about it and it would be very nice from a personal point of view. But you guys know me well enough now to know what my targets are and that’s to get out of this group.

“It’s a tough group, every game is going to be tough but I believe and I’m confident that we’re capable of getting out of it.”

Meanwhile, Gerrard wants to put behind his “cruel” and “unfair” slip that might have cost the club the Premier League title. Gerrard gifted Demba Ba the winner at Anfield, when Chelsea beat Liverpool 2-0. Liverpool finished runners up after losing the title to Manchester City.

“Otherwise I would be sitting on a sun lounger wondering back to the last three or four games, going over and over where it’s gone wrong and asking myself why and driving myself potty,” Gerrard admits.

“I’ve got to park the slip at the back of my mind and forget about it for the time being because I’ve got a huge tournament coming up.”

“Yes, it hurt a lot — not just the slip, more letting the title slip towards the end because we’d come so close and had a terrific season. I was disappointed for all the lads, for all the supporters and everyone at the club that we couldn’t hang on and do it.”

“It would have been a monumental achievement to go from seventh to first but, with experience, you tend to look back at the positives as well as the negatives. To finish second in the hardest league in the world, to have the season I’ve had personally, to watch the likes of Raheem Sterling grow and to see the team do so well was fantastic.

“I’m big enough and brave enough to take it on the chin. I take responsibility for the slip and the damage it’s done but I’ll prove to everybody in this World Cup that I’m fit, fresh and ready to perform.”

Gerrard is hoping Luis Suarez misses the match against England, but admits  missing the World Cup would “kill” Liverpool Suarez and wishes him well.

Gerrard said: “From a really, really selfish point of view it would help England against Uruguay if he wasn’t available, of course it would.

“But knowing Luis as a mate and a friend and a teammate with Liverpool, I know that [missing the World Cup] would absolutely kill him. I wouldn’t wish an injury on any of my fellow professionals.

“We’ll have to wait and see. I know he’s a fighter and he’ll do everything he can to be fit. If he’s not available it’s a shame for him personally.

“If he’s not available it can only be a help for England. I know him personally and I wish him well. I just hope he’s fit as soon as possible, certainly for when we go back with Liverpool.

“The final group game and then Liverpool would be fine. From a selfish point of view he’ll understand that.”

Suarez is remaining positive and last night tweeted: “My dream remains intact. I will be there.”


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