Defoe is not for sale: Sunderland

Manasi Pathak / 08 January 2016

Sunderland boss Big Sam has stated that the club does not intend to sell striker Defoe. Striker Jermain Defoe will only leave Sunderland in this transfer window if Sunderland receives an offer they simply cannot refuse, according to manager Sam Allardyce. The striker has been at Sunderland for over a year and is one of the key players. He is a threat in front of goal. Defoe was linked with interests from other clubs, one of them being Bournemouth. Sam Allardyce, however, declined the news of any such offer made by Bournemouth for the 33-year-old.

Allardyce said: “We haven’t had a bid for him, for one, and I suppose if I had had a bid for him, I’d have probably turned it down – unless it was that big a bid that the owner had told me, ‘This bid is so big, Sam, that we can’t afford to turn it down’, and every club has that scenario.

“But no, we haven’t had a bid for Jermain and no, we don’t want to sell him.”

There’s always been a belief that maybe he can’t play up there on his own,” he added. “He’s played up there a couple of times on his own now and I am more than willing to continue down that line.

“Hopefully, it would be Jermain who came to me and said, ‘Look, it’s really not working for me, Gaffer, on my own up there. You have got to stick somebody with me’.

“That would be the only time, I think, that I would consider not doing it. If he can carry on and be as good as he was last week and certainly be as clinical as he was last week, then long may it last.”


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