With the excitement still oozing all over the streets of Berlin and Munich with Germany claiming their 4th World Cup this a perfect time to look back at the World Cup for one last time before it passes into memory books and walks into sun-set. Many experts claim this to be one of the best World Cups ever, some go even to the extent of calling it the Best ever World Cup. Though the jury is still out on this claim, but let’s have a look at some of the reasons why this claim might infact just be true.

1. Goals galore –

There has been no shortage of goals this World Cup. The Brazilian culture of attacking flair in their football has been duly reciprocated by the teams in this competition with 170-goals being scored this World Cup.

2. Underdogs –

The underdogs, if you can call them that, have put up a great show for their fans and the neutrals. Some of the opposition fans also held them in high regard thanks to the grit and the heart displayed by the underdogs. Be it Chile, U.S of A, Mexico, Nigeria or Costa Rica, they all won the hearts of millions and proved once again that “It’s not the size of the dog that matters, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” that matters.

3. Superstars showed that they are Superstars –

Unlike the previous versions when there were a lot of expectations from big names, the big name superstars actually have stood out and laid down their claims of being the best this time around. The likes of Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer have all proved why exactly they are so highly rated and delivered for their team when they were called upon to do so.

4. Fans

There has been no shortage of beauty in the stands this time at the World Cup with fans from all over the world travelling to Brazil. Much credit goes to the cameramen too who work their socks off to make sure that none of the beautiful female fans that arrived at the stadium were missed. 

5. The ball –

Unlike the previous few editions when there were few issues with the ball used, the 2 and a half year work put in by Adidas to make the ‘Brazuca’ resulted in it being the most tested World Cup ball ever. No negative response by either the strikers or the goalkeepers this time around has eliminated one con from the previous editions.

6. Upsets –

There has been no shortage of upsets this World Cup with defending champions Spain bowing out from the group stages to Costa Rica, who were labeled the weakest team in the group, beating the likes of Italy, Uruguay and topping the group.  This World cup certainly had its share of surprises as per the results were concerned.

7. Tactical brilliance –

Right from Germany’s flamboyant fluid style of play to Netherland’s rigid yet effective formation, this World Cup saw its fair share of tactical brilliance. Iran produced a very good display in terms of their defensive work too along with Colombia who managed to play free-flowing football.

8. Competitiveness –

Almost every match this World Cup was a close encounter. 8 of the 16 matches since the knockout round matches needed extra time to decide a winner and also many matches in the group stages were decided by an odd goal or a late-winner. There weren’t many matches that you could point out and label as one-sided.

9. Controversies –

From Neymar’s dive in the opening match to Luis Suarez’s biting incident. From the wrong decision that robbed Bosnia off a chance to qualify from the next round to Arjen Robben’s alleged dive against Mexico. There was no shortage of controversies this World Cup which added that extra spice to the tournament.

10. All in One.

The most important thing why this World Cup might just be the best ever is that all the reasons stated above are usually found in bits and pieces in every competition. But the fact that all these ingredients added flavor to a single tournament meant that the recipe turned out to be the most delicious of them all.

Now, you may agree that this World Cup was the best ever or you may not but the fact remains that this World Cup was surely one of the best ever. 

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