The Barclays Premier League is known as one of the best leagues in the world for the intensity that the teams show on the field. Be it a top of the table team or a team battling relegation, you can expect the players to fight till the end and put everything they have in the game. 

Some players work tirelessly all throughout the game chasing lost causes and hurrying the opposition showing full energy till the final whistle. This article is a statistical on the most distance covered by a player this season and also the most distance covered in a game.

Most Distance this season:

1. James Milner (99.99 kms)- Liverpool

The new Liverpool mid-field power-house, James Milner has already been given the arm band for his new team and he has not disappointed their supporters by putting in an extra shift running behind the ball for the whole game. He has covered an astonishing distance of almost 100 kilometers in the 8 games so far this season.

2. Andrew Surman (96.2 kms)- AFC Bornemouth

Newly promoted Bournemouth have not shown any signs of nerves in the middle and most of their games depend on their mid-fielder Andrew Surman. He has worked so hard in the mid-field to try and win back possession when lost and has covered 96.2 kilometers in the 8 games he has played.

3. Matt Ritchie (95.4 kms)- AFC Bouremouth

The Cherries have been largely depended on Surman but Ritchie has also shown great energy in their games so far this season. They have started the season with some promising performances and with two mid-field players ready to run ragged, Bournemouth may not be battling relegation in their first year at the top tier of English football.

4. Aaron Ramsey (93.6 kms)- Arsenal

Arsenal have started their new season well and have dictated the mid-field battles in most of their games. Aaron Ramsey who usually is played in the middle of pitch has covered 93.6 kms for the Gunners so far this season and has been an integral part of their success.

5. Gareth Barry (91.9 kms)- Everton

Gareth Barry has been very useful for Everton this season. He has dictated the play in front of the defense and has rarely given any time on the ball to his opposition. He is full of energy and the Toffees will hope that he can continue his good form for the rest of the season.


Most Distance covered in a match:

1. Dan Gosling- AFC Bournemouth vs Sunderland (13.8 kms)

Dan Gosling had a great game against the Black Cats as he controlled the whole of mid-filed and helped his team get a 2-0 victory at home against Sunderland.

2. Matt Ritchie- AFC Bournemouth vs Watford (13.7 kms)

The 1-1 draw between AFC Bournemouth and Watford City ended in a 1-1 draw but Matt Ritchie put in a tireless effort and was unlucky not to walk away with all three points on the day.

3. Dele Alli- Tottenham vs Manchester City (13.4 kms)

Tottenham handed a lesson to Manchester City when they beat them 4-1 at home. Dele Alli was one of the outstanding players in the mid-field for Tottenham as he made sure that the City players were never comfortable in possession.

4. Eunon O’Kane- AFC Bournemouth vs Leicester City (13.4 kms)

Bournemouth were unlucky to have taken just a point from this game against Leicester thanks to a late equalizer from Vardy for the visitors. But O’Kane was a stand-out player for the Cherries as he relentlessly pressed the opposition players on both ends of the field.

5. Dele Alli- Tottenham vs Swansea City (13.3 kms)

This is second time that Dele Alli has featured in this list. This time for his efforts against Swansea City helped his team secure a draw in Wales. Eriksen ran away with the honors but the efforts of Dele Alli on the day should not be left un-noticed.

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